There’s much to see and to do in Fukui Japan, with captivating tourist spots such as Japanese castles, tradional gardens and a dinosaur park. Fukui is a relaxed paced prefecture, where you often see elderly locals driving their cars around, planting/harvesting crops and trees everywhere. If you aren’t sure the basic, do’s and dont’s when travelling anywhere in Japan, check this out > Japan Guide.

We booked our flight through Tajawal where we got a good deal. We had a chance to fly with Singapore Airlines’ newest aircraft, Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner, had a short 6 hour lay-over in Singapore Changi Airport (Best Airport we’ve experienced) and arrived at the Kansai International Airport around 9:00pm. A whopping 17 hours travel time.

We stayed for almost a month (25 days) at our family’s place – Kiyama, Fukui Prefecture. Most our stops were in Tsuruga. We recommend visiting this tranquil place during the summer season and is not advisable during the winter months due to heavy snow conditions.

How to Get to Fukui from Osaka, Kansai Int’l Airport

Via Japan-Rail (JR) system. At the Kansai International Airport (KIX), take the train (JR Kansai-Airport Express “Haruka”) going towards to Kyoto Station which will take approx 1.5 hours. From Kyota Station, take the train (JR Limited-Express “Thunderbird”) to Fukui which will take aprox 2hrs. You can purchase your JR Pass at klook. Search for “JR PASS”.

Via Taxi/Private Transfer. If you’re traveling in a group or have a lot of luggage, a taxi or private transfer can be arranged at the airport

Inside Japan. If you’re already in Japan and planning to visit Fukui, you could take a train from wherever you are. You can check for train routes, schedules and purchase tickets through klook.

Note: Many of the attractions are not served by public transport and most are far between, more than an hour travel time on wheels. Rental car outlets can be found at Tsuruga and Fukui stations.

Arrival – Kansai, Osaka to Wakasa, Fukui

We arrived in Japan at midnight and were desperately searching for a quick dinner. We stumbled upon a restaurant within a gas station (which is common in Japan) along Osaka and Kyoto, serving Ramen and Katsudos.

Kyoto ramen restaurant Osaka Gas station

ramen vending machine japan

Ramen Japanese noodles food kyoto osaka

Katsudon Kyoto Osaka Chicken Fried

Kyoto Restaurant Osaka ramen


DAY 1- First good morning Japan, off-to Fukui City & several stops

First good morning

First good morning in Japan

Japanese red autumn tree

Nishiyama Park – a sea of purple, pink and white Azalea Flowers

Nishiyama Park, where thousands of azaleas bloom during spring. The Azalea Festival is held annually at the beginning of May and attracts a lot of visitors. You can find Food stalls at the Park entrance and at the peak.

When to go: During Spring, Golden Week, beginning of May or during Fall
Entrance Cost: Free  admission
How to go: 3-minute walk from Fukui Railway Nishiyamakoen Station / 20-minute walk from JR Sabae Station / 5-minute drive from Hokuriku Expressway Sabae IC

Note: There are limited car parking slots, however, you can look for other parking lots near the park.

Azalea Festival

Azalea Flower park japan fukui

Japanese Flower Park Nishiyama

Close up Azalea Japanese Pink Folowers

Ikayaki japanese squid

takoyaki japanese balls octopus

Video: Nishiyama Park | Azelea Garden

Sipy (Mall) at Echizen, Fukui 

japanese food packed meal japan sipy

Tempura katsudon Tonkatsu

Our final stop was at a shopping mall in Echizen, Sipy. Known for its meat section, we drove by to grab some stuff for our BBQ plans. Sipy also has ready-made bento meals (Japanese style packed-meals) and fried variants. Japan groceries and convenient stores are common places where you can grab a quick good meal