Disclaimer: This article is based on true experience with Ionos server subscription (formerly 1&1) and written September 2019. Screenshots are shared as reference of this review. 


We shifted from Godaddy server because their full-support has an add-on cost. We gained interest with Ionos service because of their appealing landing page and claims. We got interested Ionos’ visible “hotline” number where Godaddy does not have.

We registered for their “Dedicated Server XL-32 HDD managed”. Before check-out, we called Ionos’ number listed on their website, just to clarify and confirm that they have 24/7 Call support – which they confirmed.

Setup was okay but coming from a CPANEL based platform, Ionos’ user-control experience (UX) is entirely different. We used Godaddy, Hostgator, and Hawkhost all of them of the same or similar UX. , Ionos is an entirely different world for us. I am not saying that it is bad. However, it takes time to familiarize the Ionos’ dedicated server platform.

Ionos’s 24/7 Technical Support claim is a joke – proof supplied

The number #1 reason why we changed to Ionos is because of their 24/7 Technical support claim on their website – I repeat “Technical Support” not the sales department.