A budget-savvy stay at Rove Marina Dubai.

“Rove Hotels” is a brand new hotel line by Emaar which targets budget staycationers and millennials through its tech-savvy amenities; hippie and quite workstations, free-use of desktop MACs, a Playstation area, bean bags, cozy couches, hotel gym, foosball, table tennis and an Arcade.

When you enter the lobby, you’will feel a techno-hub kind of experience. The reception proudly informed us that the mid-range hotel is just four(4) months old (started in April 2018). All furniture is new and modern.

Rove Dubai Marina Hotel near JBR lobby

When did you stay at Rove Marina?

Weekdays, August 2018. Checked-in around 6:00 pm. Reception is not packed. Covered parking is available. However, there was no valet parking service – you can clearly read “Self-Service Parking” sign at the entrance. The parking is packed, it took us two(2) basement parking levels just to find a spot which is fine for us.

Once you enter the basement lobby, you instantly smell that unique aroma which extends everywhere you go inside the premises.

rove hotel marina by emar

Accessibility of Rove Marina?

You can use JLT metro station – exit towards JBR. It may take approx 15 minutes walk. Via car/taxi, from Dubai Marina Mall, it would take you 3-5 minutes.

Important FYI! Though it is located at Dubai Marina, we find it not that accessible to the beach. By foot, you need to go up to the bridge and cross few roads just to access the salty waters and JBR restaurants.

Don’t worry too much about this FYI of ours, they offer a free-bus-transfer to multiple spots in Dubai, mainly in JBR. However, based on our experience, the bus schedule was not strictly followed. We waited approx 30 minutes at the lobby, not knowing that they have skipped for one(1) hour.

Taxi are readily available outside the hotel.

bus ride to dubai marina JBR

We also opt to borrow complimentary bikes while booking online. However, all of their bikes are under-repair during our stay. It should have been 10/10 experience with those two(2) wheeled ride.

How to maximize your stay at Rove Marina Dubai

Amazingly, this hotel offers more than what you expect for a 3-star rated stay. This is probably the reason why it has a 9/10 rating on booking.com. Aside from the basic hotel amenities; Here are the top 10 things to do in Rove Marina Dubai.

What to do in Rove Marina Dubai:

1.) Surf the internet using MACs. You can find these desktops in the lobby and at Mezzanine Level-2 floor (M2). Oh and yeah! It’s Free!

Rove marina hotel mac amenities
Desktop MACs at Rove Dubai Marina Hotel
budget cheap jbr best price marina hotel stay
2.) Indoor Mini Golf Turf. Located at Mezzanine Level-2 floor, use a putter to put the ball on the hole.

3.) Foosball and table tennis. Play with indoor table football and table tennis with your mates.
Rove marina hotel ammenities
Rove Marina Dubai Hotel indoor activity

4.) Play Carrom. Honestly, he really don’t know how to play this board game but it looks fun! Can someone teach us? Comment below.
Rove marina caroom board game

5.) Burn calories at the Gym. Their gym equipment is new and offers a lot of options.

Rove Dubai Gym Marina Hotel

6.) Playstation area. Play solo or with a mate on a console game.
dubai hotel playstation rove by Emaar

7.) Arcade. Play vintage games such as PAC-MAN on an arcade machine.

8.) Beat the heat by swimming on pool. Rove Marina’s swimming is located at their Mezzanine Floor (M2).
Image Credits: Booking.com Rove Marina
9.) Self-Service Laundry and Iron Located at their Mezzanine Level 1 (M1), you can wash,dry and iron your clothes. It is not free. Kill the waiting time by playing a foosball.
Self service laundry at Rove marina dubai
10.) Dine and Eat at their “Daily” Restaurant. Located at the ground floor, you can sit, relax and eat at their hippie themed restraunt.Rove Marina RestaurantCredits: Dubai Week

What can you say about your stay at Rove Marina?

We cannot really compare a 3-star rated hotel to a 5-star luxury stay. However, Rove Marina is somewhere between these ratings. Overall, it was a great stay, value-for-money and so much to offer for a budget hotel. No bad experiences aside that bikes’availability and unfollowed bus schedule. Hope that they just remove or de-activate the “Free Bike” option on online bookings to avoid false hopes, else everything was good.

It’s our third time to stay in Dubai Marina area, twice on mainstream JBR and first time on a 10-minute walk to the beach. We knew about this before but we felt is a little bit far from our expectation. Extra effort is needed either using their free bus-transfer, a paid taxi ride or a 10-minute walk which you need to go up on the bridge and cross few roads – walking is not advisable for elderly or with baby strollers.

Will you stay again at Rove Marina?

That’s a tricky question. Honestly, you cannot really expect a luxury experience for a 3-star rated hotel.  That’s the main reason why we choose to spend a night at the Rove; budget-friendly new and modern, near to the beach and has a discounted breakfast option. We should have opt to those 5 or 4-star options at JBR, however, we don’t feel to spend an additional hundred box(USD) just for a night.

NOW I REMEMBER! We are surfing the internet trying to look for a dinner buffet within Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR). An ad keeps on popping-up on every site we visit. It turns out to be Rove’s advertisement. So, rather paying for single dinner, we picked to stay at Rove – Stay, Swim and Dine on a budget. Rove MarinaIf you just want to unwind and unplug from the city, Rove Marina is a good option, having very high ratings on online booking platforms such as booking[.]coom This place offers a lot of indoor activities. But if you have VIP guests or have a fancy experience, such as wedding events, this might not be the best pick.

budget-friendly new and modern, near to the beach and has a discounted breakfast option